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Pointe shoe fittings

We're passionate about pointes!

Our expert pointe shoe fitting service is complimentary whether it's your first pair or 10th pair

At Adage Dance, we want to help you find the right shoes that will support your feet correctly and ensure you can develop confidence and perform at your best.

We like to take the time to fully assess your feet and the way in which they move to ensure we fit you with the best shoes. A first appointment can take up to an hour to complete. We recommend booking an appointment for your first fitting to ensure that you can be seen.

Being fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes is a wonderful time, but it comes with lots of questions and uncertainty. During your fitting, we will talk to you about how your new Pointe Shoes should support you and discuss how your foot will be working in the shoe.

If you are being fitted for your second, third, fourth or even fifth, pair of pointes shoes, we do ask you to bring to the fitting your current shoes and the padding that you use. This will allow us to look at how you have used your pointe shoes, the way pointe shoes wear can give us an indication if there are any issues with technique, shoe care or the suitability of the shoe. For example we may be able to tell if you are sickling at the ankle, do not dry your shoes between classes or if the shoe is too soft or hard for you.

We are stockists of Bloch, Freed and Grishko shoes, although if you have another favourite Pointe Shoe, we also have a number of other stockists that we can source pointe shoes from, just give the shop a ring and have a chat with us to tell us your requirements.

If you are lucky to have found your shoe, and you want exactly the same shoe, please call 01423 530777 with details of the pointe shoe make, model, size and width and we will order this for you and let you know when your shoe is in stock

Preparing for Pointe.

Being invited to go “en pointe” in ballet is a special and exciting time. But it can also be hard work, and you will find that using your body and feet to dance on pointe brings with it its own challenges!

You will learn to use your feet in a way that you do not in everyday life, and dancing on pointe requires an extra degree of strength and balance. Preparing for pointe work properly can help to give you a head start in your first class.

Lisa Howell is one of the worlds’ leading physiotherapists, who specialises in working with dancers. Lisa runs a fantastic blog, which is full of exercises to increase strength and stability, information and tips. Check out her blog here


Pointe shoe Darning.

To help extend the life of your pointe shoes, and ensure a little more friction and security up en pointe, Adage Dance offers a pointe shoe darning service. Darning the platform of your pointe shoes takes skill, precision, and patience. Each pair can take up to 4 hours to complete.

If you would like your pointe shoes darning, you can drop them into Adage Dance or post them to us.

The cost of pointe shoe darning is £20 per pair and can take three working days to darn.

In addition to offering a darning service. Adage Dance can help you save your fingers and your valuable time if you let us sew the ribbons and elastics ready for your first class. The Ribbon sewing service costs £5 per pair of pointe shoes are shoes are turned around in 3 working days.


We can personalise a piece of clothing with your child’s name. We have a lot of requests for velvet gym shorts for young gymnasts. For standard personalisation, we use high-quality Eimass crystals. For that special someone, you can have personalisation done with Swarovski Crystals.

The cost per character for personalisation is as follows:

Standard Crystals – £2.00 per letter

For example, Personalising shorts with Emma would cost £8.00 for the Diamanté

Swarovski Crystals – £3.50 per letter.

For example, Personalising shorts with Emma would cost £14.00 for the Swarovski Diamanté

If you have any other diamanté requirements, please use the Contact Us form to let me know your requirements and we will contact you with a price.

Special Orders

If you need something special for an exam, show or competition, pop into Adgae Dance and have a chat with us to discuss your needs. We have a large range of suppliers and contacts that can make dance wear and costumes, so we should be able to help you.

If we are not able to help, we will try and point you in the right direction.