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Benefis P0202 Pink Tutu

Benefis P0202 Pink Tutu

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A gorgeous Pink Tutu with a flat platter and Silver Sequin decorations. 

This gorgeous Benefis Tutu features a bodice made of the semi-stretch dense fabric. A  flesh-colored inset on the chest has the illusion of a deep plung whilst ensuring modesty on satge and flesh coloured straps ensure the costume remains in place on the shoulders. 

The bodice is fastened with hooks, and there are two rows to ensure that the costume is comfortable, and an inner cord can be used to tighten the bodice across the chest.

The tutt overlay is decorated with a number of Star appliqués in various sizes, and the costume is enhanced with arm ruffles, alto in the shape of stars. A shiny braid, various crystals, beads and bugles in white and silver are used as decoration.

This Tutu is sized for a Small Adult.

Bust - 78-81 cm (31-32 inches)

Waist - 64-67 cm (25-26 inches)

Hips - 82-86 cm (32-34 inches)

Height - 152-165 cm (60-65 inches

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