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So Danca

So Danca TA32 Black Tap Shoe

So Danca TA32 Black Tap Shoe

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So Danca TA32 black tap shoe features a two eyelet lace up front. The shoe is fairly shallow so suits a slimmer feet.  This shoe is made of PU so is vegan friendly. Front and back taps give a good sound and rivets ensure the taps so not come loose. 

Sandis Fitting Recommendation

Thes TA32 is sized well and I would recommend that you purchase your tap dancers normal shoe size if recently measured. The UK sizes are detailed below. 

If you have had these shoes before, the sole of the shoe will have the US size which is 3 sizes up from the UK size. I.e. a child size 10 will have 13 etched on the sole.

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