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Tendu T1060 Over Door Flexibility Strap

Tendu T1060 Over Door Flexibility Strap

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Tendu T1060 Over Door Flexibility Strap is designed to improve your leg flexibility for ballet, gymnastics, martial arts. It comes packaged in a fabric bag and supplied with an exercise leaflet for 6 basic exercises.

General tips from Tendu:
• Please check with your dance teacher, doctor, or health professional before stretching if you have an injury or previous injury before commencing exercises.
• Place the stopper strap over the door you will use, with the stopper on the other side of the door. Close the door firmly.
• Test the apparatus in your door without applying full weight- does your door stay firmly shut when you pull on the band? (you may want to lock it)
• Only stretch when muscles are warm
• Feel no pain- only stretch to the point of mild tension, not to pain. Once your muscle eases, you can stretch a little further.
• Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds. Don’t bounce!
• Pay attention to the posture in the rest of your body
• Always progress gradually to stretch further each week- flexibility changes slowly. Stop if painful beyond the normal stretch sensation
• Focus on the muscle you are stretching
• Breathe normally during each stretch
• Practice often

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